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4月 17
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if you want a special gifs send an ”ask”.
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I will make more gifs from Jackman ^^

Includes from vine.

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3月 25
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Notification from Jackman

Thank you for supporting Jackman always.
This is an announcement from Jackman and Planet CHILD Music.

This time, bassist Yu-ta has been laid off from Jackman.

Although it has been already announced by the members during their performance in Tokyo,
Since 16th of March, Yu-ta cut off the contact with band members, office and staff,
and abandoned appearance without permission.

Yu-ta didn’t show up on the stage during the rehearsal,
but members believed in him until the main show started.
We want to apologize that we were not able to inform everyone
who was waiting for the show, that only three members are going to perform on the stage.
Sorry for inconvenience and that we made you worry.

Afterwards, we still did not have any contact with Yu-ta,
from this act of betrayal, it can be concluded that Yu-ta don’t want to continue his music activity
and although it is regrettable, he is going to be laid off.

We want to apologize for such disappointing announcement for everyone who support the band.
In the future, only Azu, Mike and 834 are going to take part in events.

Please support Jackman in the future.

Planet CHILD Music

3月 22
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匿名 asked: hi do you have any links to new performances or interviews?^^

Sorry dear nope. If you can support team team please, I not have money also but we can expect.